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the lost language of bodies

We make meaning through storytelling

We tell stories through language

We form language through words

But what we say far exceeds words, language and stories.

That’s why I formed the idea of the “embodied sensing of meaning”.

But even this remains a vague and merely academic notion if it doesn’t capture what we say and do not say

The unsaid

The space between what we experience, and what we put into words.

The space beyond words

Beyond language

I’m still trying to put this idea into unreliable words

Trying to taste the right words

In therapy I would encourage clients to “find the words that work

The words that are as close as possible to the experience

As close to the bone

Of pain, of joy, of vulnerability, of desperation, of hope, of trauma

To find the language of your body

But we use words so randomly




Not caring where they fall

What they say

Who they hit

We lost the ability

To role a little stone word in our mouth

Around our tongue

And say it only after we tasted

Its shape, its form, its texture, its meaning

It reminds me of that striking title of that beautiful book

The lost language of cranes

The lost language of bodies

Note: In the next few blogs I shall unpack the connection between the body, words, language, what we say and how we make meaning

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